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Essential Enterprise AI Companies Landscape Infographic

Press Release: March 27, 2020

Algorithm-X Lab is excited to share a new infographic revealing over 150 essential AI enterprise companies.

Enterprise AI companies are increasingly growing in value and relevance. Global IT spending is expected to soon reach, and surpass $3.8 trillion. Enterprise AI companies are at the heart of this growth.

Much of the software developed by enterprise AI companies utilises automation solutions alongside other sophisticated tools. These include machine learning, deep learning and data science solutions.

Some enterprise AI companies are established names, backed by decades of experience.
Other enterprise AI companies are relative newcomers, adopting a fresh approach to AI and problem solving. This infographic will seek to highlight a combination of both.

This infographic provides a vision on where companies need to position themselves to maximise their return on investment, create new revenue streams, identify which channel partners will maximize their go-to-market strategies and focus on the real competitor for mergers and acquisitions as well as product development.

To help you identify the best AI enterprise software for your business, we’ve segmented the landscape of enterprise AI solutions into categories. A lot of these enterprise companies can be classified in multiple categories, however, we have focused on their primary differentiation features.

 “The AI enterprise companies’ landscape infographic shows a massively growing ecosystem of specialised AI software vendors.  While some of the largest technology companies in the world - Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook are actively engaged in the AI space, they do not have the ability to cover everything in artificial intelligence ,” Algorithm-X Lab CEO and Founder KC Cheung says.

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