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eScan’s proactive protection against Maze Ransomware

Press Release: April 24, 2020

The vile of the digital world doesn’t rest even as the economy and businesses have slowed down in the wake of a pandemic. This unethical behaviour of threat actors was on display as IT giant Cognizant was hit with a cyber-attack in the form of a ransomware called Maze Ransomware.  Cybersecurity providers MicroWorld would like to assure all its customers that its popular eScan Enterprise Endpoint Security solution has the necessary capability to mitigate maze-like ransomware threats.


The Maze Ransomware which was discovered in 2019, acts as any other ransomware holding the victims’ data for ransom. However, the characteristic that makes it more lethal is that, because of the data exfiltration capabilities, it gives an additional edge to the threat actor by allowing them to release the data over the internet. Maze normally enters a corporate network by exploiting existing vulnerabilities of a workstation or a server that is exposed to the cloud, using commonly available tools/tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).



MicroWorld solutions can successfully prevent Maze attack vectors with its Ransomware Protection/TTP block modules that are embedded in their futuristic technologies within its flagship brand eScan.


eScan’s active monitoring proactively blocks a large number of known tools used for gaining access to endpoints, while its Terminal Service Protection Module (TSPM) forbids any remote desktop protocol sessions originating from suspicious IP addresses and its Proactive Behavioural Analysis Engine (PBAE) will terminate any RDP session that is deemed suspicious. Furthermore, helping their client’s case, eScan’s data backup module also helps users recover sensitive machines and gets them back to their operational state, in case of a security incident.


Mr.Govind Rammurthy, Managing Director and CEO of Microworld Software Services said,“As an organization, we have always strived hard enough to provide our current and potential clients with technologies that don’t make them believe that paying the ransom to a cyber threat is the only way out of a data-hostage situation. With our unique technologies, we aid our clients in the defence against various kinds of security incidents and we add value to their disaster recovery (DR) plan.”

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