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esbe launches eCommerce website for personalised gifting.

Press Release: May 07, 2020

  • A platform to order hand painted personalized gifts.
  • Personalisation option across all product categories.
  • Instant guidance to help choose and personalize the product.

[Mumbai, Maharashtra]: esbe announced their new website. The site offers a solution to personalized gifting and offers a new way for customers to browse and order personalized hand painted products.

“We have redeveloped the site in accordance to the growing popularity of personalised gifts over off the shelf options. We believe it is a far more special and thoughtful gesture to gift a product which is created uniquely for someone you love.” - Ms. Srishti Bagaria (Owner of esbe)

The beauty of an esbe product lies in the concoction of stories and customisation attached to it. We have tried to offer the same scope of personalisation and customisation on the site. The products spread across multiple categories provide gifting fix for occasions such as birthdays, wedding, bachelorette, anniversaries and more.

Products are priced at Rs.399 onwards. Browse esbe hand painted products on www.esbe.in

About esbe: Always having had a bent towards creativity and painting, my yearning for innovation paved the way for esbe. What started off as a passion project in 2010, gradually fertilized into becoming a brand, an identity. The thought associated with esbe is ‘coloring your life’.
Every product we create ranging from Shoes, T-shirts, Onesies, Passport Covers, Caps, Cushions and much more is hand painted with utmost love and attention to detail. Complete customisation makes each piece one of a kind.

Browse esbe hand painted products on www.esbe.in

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Srishti Bagaria

Tel: +919930505659

Email: [email protected]

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