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ERMA Introduces a Program That Will Helps Business Combat Future Risks.

Press Release: October 03, 2015

Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA), a risk management certification institution, will be hosting Risk Governance Master Class at London, Vietnam, Thailand, and South Africa.

The program will give a practical insight on managing and identifying risk in a challenging times, as well as highlight the importance of governing risk in business.

Risk Governance Master Class participant will be able to share, discuss, and learn about real life situations that business executives have faced.

Financial experts, directors, commissioners, regulators, and investors will attend to share their hands-on experience in managing business and risk. During the event, participant will be learning directly from case studies, various exercise, lectures and panel discussion.

The creation of the event comes out of necessity, not choice. Greece debt crisis, China financial crash, hacking threat, and environmental catastrophe is one of the many reasons why business executives needs to learn about governing and managing risks.

“When financial crisis in China happened, I told my clients that we already prepared for this.” said Antonius Alijoyo, Chairperson of ERMA.

Alijoyo and ERMA began the Risk Governance Master Class program to educate business owners and executives to shield their business from future disaster by learning how to manage risk. Alijoyo even went further by globalizing the program so that more people would know the importance of risk management.

The Risk Governance Master Class is part of a global program that exist in five different countries such as, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and U.K. The location of the program is chosen based on the key business sector in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Risk Governance Masterclass is a program designed to provide practical approach and learning points about risk governance, good corporate governance, strategic risk management, legal risk management, and risk leadership and culture.

Find out more about Risk Governance Master Class here: http://erm-academy.org/programs/enterprise-risk-governance-board-members

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