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Epoxy Injection Is Crowned as Number One Solution for Foundation Crack Repairs

Press Release: April 13, 2020

DryShield Water Solutions have released their last year data, and named epoxy injection as their number one solution for most of foundation crack repair. It is used majorly because of the strength and features it adds to the structure.

Wet basements and cracked foundations are one of the very common problems found with homes after a few years hampering the structural strength of the building. Epoxy injections are considered the best option available to tackle such issues, and in fact, increase the strength extending the life of your building. The main reason behind this because it fills the gaps caused due to stress in the concrete and also glues it together to form a durable base.

The spokesperson of the company also stated several other benefits when asked why do they trust this treatment as their best option. The epoxy injection helps in stopping the water seepage through the cracks by filling the gaps. Thus, eliminating the problem of moisture and issues created due to an increase in humidity like the growth of molds and mildews. These cause a threat to the health of the residents making it a worse problem. Another reason is that epoxy binds the concrete together and promotes extra strength to the structure. Therefore, it extends the life of your building’s structure by at least a few more years.

When asked if epoxy is the ultimate solution, the company replied by saying that it is just a common way for foundation crack injection. However, the main reason behind these cracks is the extra tensile stress forced upon the structure. So, if you want to have a permanent solution, then it better to focus on the main reason behind these cracks.

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DryShield Water Solutions is Canada’s one of the largest waterproofing companies. Operating from Ontario, it has successfully tackled hundreds of wet basement problems for residents from nearby areas. They specialize in services like foundation waterproofing, mold remediation, crawl space containment, and concrete crack injections.


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