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Epochle launches a crowdsourcing website for health issues

Press Release: June 15, 2020

The dietary supplement industry is over 100 billion dollars every year, a large proportion of which are completely useless according to many researchers. Trials into these can take months if not years, and what may not work for a particular condition may work for another. SummaryHealth attempts to solve this by using crowdsourcing to create a central database of health conditions and the remedies that people have tried. It collects data using questionnaires and hopefully with enough data it will become apparent what works and what doesn't.

Any user can currently go to the website and add new conditions or remedies into the system. They are however vetted by moderators just like any other crowdsourced website. With other features such as forums and ratings, SummaryHealth hopes to build a community around this data and give insights into what works and for whom.


About Epochle Pty Ltd

Epochle is a small group of dedicated people based in Australia using technology to improve health.


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