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Environmentally Friendly Packaging from ukpackaging.com.

Press Release: August 30, 2019

The effect of packaging in the environment is grabbing more and more headlines by the day. The questions surrounding plastic packaging, recycling, and ‘single-use’ products are filtering through into our everyday lives, and an ever increasing number of us are on the hunt for more environmentally friendly alternatives. With the 2020 waste targets quickly approaching, ukpackaging.com has introduced a new Environmentally-Friendly Packaging Range.
A large amount of ukpackaging.com’s core products are either reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, or a combination of the three. However, the company decided that the best way to encourage their customers to increase their use of eco-friendly packaging, was to put all of their ‘greenest’ products in one place.
The Environmentally Friendly Packaging collection is made up of items that have been specially selected for their environmental credentials, and each item is either made from recycled materials, fully recyclable, fully biodegradable, or all of the above.
Alongside this, they have also made all of their Void Fill solutions either recyclable or bio-degradable by introducing new Bio-Degradable Loose Fill made from GM-free starch, and also suitable for both domestic and municipal composting. Infact, these Loose-Fill chips will even dissolve in water! Even with these green credentials, these loose-fill chips have been proven to offer better protection that traditional polystyrene chips, and provide a high level of shock protection.
Ukpackaging.com are also constantly aiming to improve our environmental offerings by researching potential additions to their Environmentally Friendly Packaging range. The most recent additions have included Biodegradable Document Wallets, Perforated Edge Board, and Corrugated Corner Protectors.
The company increased their selection of eco-friendly retail packaging in line with their November/December 2018 Green Christmas initiative. This included the addition of Sisal Twine, Cotton String, and Card Tags. These items were used alongside a selection of other eco-friendly products to promote a Christmas without plastics and foil. During the approach to Christmas, the company promoted the use of their eco-friendly products in place of traditional Christmas wrapping, and also sought to educate customers about which common Christmas items could and could not be recycled. Since then, they have continued to grow this line, including the release of their NEW EcoFlut Postal Bags.
These products are just the beginning of a growing line, and a growing aim to encourage customers to not only purchase more environmentally friendly products, but also to make the choice easier, faster, and more popular.

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