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Enroll With “The CAD Room” to Become a Trainee CAD Technician

Press Release: September 07, 2016

For a CAD technician, there is no dearth of jobs as they are in high demand in both the building and engineering industries nowadays. Once you have become a CAD technician, fine job opportunities from the building and engineering industries will come as the centres that impart the training will find placements for the trainees once the training is completed. The CAD Room, one of the pioneers in CAD services in the UK, now provides you with the opportunity to be trained as a CAD technician, which will go a long way in paving your path to a fruitful career in the future.

The CAD Room is a highly successful CAD solution provider to the building and engineering industry and is up to date with the latest developments that have taken place in the enhancement of computer aided drafting and its resulting advantages. The company creates opportunities for CAD aspirants by offering training and job opportunities as a Junior CAD Technician. An aspiring candidate therefore has plenty of opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade and become an experienced CAD operator able to serve in big corporate and construction companies. By becoming an expert, one can also open their own small business and become vendors for big CAD solution providers.

The CAD Room was established in Stockport, UK and is in the service of the building industry which constantly needs to be provided with building drawings that are BIM compliant. Having been in the business for quite some time, the CAD Room has established a sizable client base both in the UK and the UAE and is constantly on the lookout for fresh talent which they can train to become Junior CAD technicians. You can become one by registering with them, and their large customer base will provide you with the opportunity to improve your knowledge, experience and expertise as you will constantly be exposed to different challenges in CAD.

Visit their website at http://thecadroom.com/ to find out more about the training programs imparted by the outsourcing company and you can get in touch with them on +44 (0)161 427 0348 to get admission. You can also send your resume and other personal details to office@thecadroom.com to get a response.

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The CAD Room, based in Stockport, offers complete computer aided design services to builders and also job opportunities to aspiring candidates.

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