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Enjoy the Blessings of UPS Battery and Fight the Dark Hours

Press Release: September 21, 2015

Life in this century cannot be imagined without electricity. Majority of day to day events shall become absolutely handicapped. Neither industrial nor domestic works could be done with power consumption. To save people from real life horror scenarios, reserve power is stored in UPS energy storage systems, which can supply backed up power anytime and anywhere.

The UPS battery is usually used in cases where power in the form of electricity is required only on standby or emergency basis and not round the clock.

Desired Characteristics of UPS systems:

A backup system should be purchased only after calculating one particular network’s electrical requirement. That must include all the additional equipments that should continue working at least for a short time during emergency.

Thus a backup having enough capacity to supply power in time of need should be selected.

Comes with proper electrical and data line protection for safe usage. As such there is no risk involved in its usage on a regular basis.

The UPS devices are now integrated with appropriate software that sets off an alarm to notify when specified thresholds are exceeded. This attribute is crucial in alerting users of a potential damage due to power fluctuations.

Often users learn a lesson the hard way by discovering the need of replacing the battery of the UPS during a power cut. The simple yet most useful feature warning visual indicator alerts users to a failed or dying battery.

Additional features:

Beating the traditional batteries which have a significantly shorter life, these novel batteries comes with seven and a half years of life.

They operate even at 40˚C, and as such they can be used anytime and anywhere regardless of harsh weather conditions.

Stores energy for supplying electricity during peak hours.

Limited gassing and deep discharges.

Comes with warranty against specified parts.

It has a wide range of applications.

Tips to increase the life of the battery:

The UPS should be installed in a temperature controlled room for best results and longer durability.

It should be noted that with an 8.3˚C increase from the ambient temperature, usually the efficiency of the device is reduced to a great extent.

Care should be taken so that the ventilation units must not be blocked anyhow.

Following the above simple instructions will let a purchaser buy a suitable battery tending to all his needs.

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