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Press Release: June 03, 2017

‘Elocutionkids.com’ has now been launched offering Free Kids’ Elocution Lessons!

The separation of Executive Language Tutors’ Elocution Lessons for Children, Free Elocution Lessons for Kids, Kids’ Elocution Classes Online, Kids’ Elocution eCourses and LAMDA Courses for Children will enable the service to offer parents and carers a range of specialised elocution and accent reduction programmes for children and young learners.

Elocutionkids.com aims to help teach and support children and young learners with British English Elocution by using free Elocution Exercises for Children together with Elocution Lesson sound files. Further, Executive Language Tutors aim to bring together the specialised knowledge and skills of elocution teachers, English teachers, speech and language therapists as well as speech and language scientists into one dedicated area.

By the sharing and pooling of specialised collective knowledge in English, Speech and Language under the title of ‘Speech and Language Practitioners’, Executive Language Tutors aim to bring to the speech and language market high quality specialised elocution lessons and accent reduction classes inexpensively and possibly free to parents and carers on low budgets.

More importantly, by bringing together the expertise of specialised elocution teachers, children’s speech and language specialists and specialised English teachers under the umbrella of ‘Speech and Language Practitioners’, Executive Language Tutors aim to remove the division between speech and language therapy and speech and language teaching., an approach which will allow the objectives of the Speech, Language and Communication Framework (SLCF) to be supported by practitioners in the private sector as well as the public sector.

Executive Language Tutors feel that by taking this step, the speech, language and communication needs of children, young learners, parents and carers may be met cost and time effectively.: http://www.elocutionkids.com/


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