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England cutting back on IVF treatment - Boom in fertility tourism as the result

Press Release: September 25, 2017

in, 22 September 2017. Qunomedical, a digital Health platform that provides patients with access and independent information on the world's best doctors and hospitals, today announces the launch of IVF on their treatment table in UK. The success and availability of IVF have raised the hopes of many infertile couples who have not been able to conceive. 2% of all babies in UK are IVF babies. Since 1978, 5.4 million babies have been born worldwide with the help of IVF.

The chance of a live birth with IVF is around 30% for the first cycle, increasing to 45% after two and 54% after three cycles. The costs for three cycles and the medication needed can range between £30,000 and £50,000 in the UK. British women suffering from restrictions and prices of the British health system are seeking help abroad to get the chance of having a baby. According to a study by Fertility Clinics Abroad 93% of couples undergoing fertility treatment or considering it, have thought about going abroad for procedure. High costs seem to be the determining factor, 68% saying they would consider treatment abroad because it is much cheaper. As for example, costs for IVF in Spain are around 50% cheaper compared to UK. Dr. Sophie Chung, doctor and founder of Qunomedical, knows the stories behind IVF: “One in six couples experience some form of infertility problem at least once during their reproductive lifetime. Through our multi-stage quality algorithm we carefully select the best IVF clinics and thereby give couples in UK an additional option.”

Restrictions by English health services have recently prompted a boom in fertility tourism with increasing numbers of couples going to countries like Spain and Greece and exposing themselves to certain risks. 65% of the couples seeking help abroad cited the postcode lottery as their reason, while 50% believe that foreign clinics have higher success rates. According to the latest research, thirteen areas of England have introduced restrictions or even stopped providing IVF completely since the beginning of the year. Access to NHS fertility treatment varies across the country - the postcode determines not only the number of cycles you will receive but also the access criteria.

Traveling to a foreign country for IVF treatment may be a daunting prospect for many couples. Language barriers, lack of performance figures or independent information discourage couples to look into fertility treatment overseas. By offering IVF in their treatment portfolio, Qunomedical wants to support couples by providing information about different IVF regulations in countries like Spain, Greece or the Czech Republic and connecting them with the best clinics worldwide. Dr. Jon Aizpurua leads the medical team of IVF Spain, one of Qunomedical’s partner clinic specialized in fertility and assisted reproduction: “The first step is always to do a consultation with one of our doctors, who after conversing with the couple and learning about their medical background, establishes a medical diagnosis and formulates a strategy adapted to the couple’s needs.”


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Late 2015, Qunomedical was founded with the mission to give patients worldwide access to the best doctors. Currently, the platform www.qunomedical.com connects patients with high-quality hospitals in 25 different countries. The type of treatment ranges from dental implants to complex cardiac surgeries. Based on the strict quality standards for hospitals, only the best clinics are registered and constantly tested along the patient experience. Dr. Sophie Chung, doctor and founder of Qunomedical, is seeking to improve medical care worldwide and offering patients an additional option.

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