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Energy-efficient home-improvements by Workwork Ltd

Press Release: June 12, 2015

London, UK – 15th June 2015 – England and Wales have many homes, which are built before 1930 are draughty and poorly insulated. The heat penetrates from the draughts of walls, and energy utilization is increased due to long time running heating systems. More energy utilization results in excessive carbon emission, energy bills and thus affecting our planet.

Somehow, installation of energy-efficiency measures is becoming important to reduce carbon footprints. Eventually, customer needs to pay extra money due to energy-inefficiency. The cost of these measures is relatively high and not affordable by everyone. Government initiates various schemes to encourage implementation of various energy-efficient home-improvements by offering some cash back schemes.

Workwork Ltd is actively involved in the schemes initiated by government such as green deal, eco funding, green deal home improvement fund (GDHIF), RHI and FIT. These schemes help to install energy-efficient measures at affordable prices. These schemes are bit complicated to understand for a normal customer, but workwork helps to recognize benefits of such a scheme as per requirement of customer.
Green deal allows installing energy-efficient measures in England and Wales with no or fewer upfront amounts. Instead, the program offers a loan which is being paid through savings from energy bills of customer. Workwork as an authorized green deal developer assists the customer for smooth green deal journey that includes green deal assessment, green deal finance and green deal installation. Green deal plan covers 45 home-improvement measures such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, building fabric, micro generation, lighting, water heating and many more.

The company is actively working under the eco funding scheme as well in which; customer will be eligible to get a subsidy on the cost of cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, solid wall insulation and boilers. It results in saving of energy bills and reduction of carbon emission as well. Eco funding is initialized for low-income groups and properties with cavity and solid walls.

The company is actively engaged in environmental schemes initiated by government to contribute for saving of energy. Their first priority is to inform the customer about suitable home-improvement schemes for their property or home. So, that customer can save money on energy bills and reduction in carbon footprints allows a healthy living planet.

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