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Encrypt and hide windows pc files

Press Release: February 16, 2010

The files can be of any type and the number of files hidden per image is not limited. The hidden files have multiple layers of encryption and it would not be practical for anyone to try and decrypt.

The files are first compressed and stored in a non-standard format. They then have two types of Encryption applied to the file. Next the file is encrypted again using a Unique password supplied by the user and finally it is encrypted again with a different key and merged with the image.

The file created will look like any other image file and will be displayed as an image.

The left hand column stores the general images that will contain the hidden files. These are JPEG images. First one of these images is selected and appears in the top middle window. Next the files are selected using the file select options on the right hand side. The files selected, which can be any file type are then merged with the image in the top panel.

IMProcessor has its own built in email program and is not dependent on windows software. The email program supports Password authentication. It also supports Transport Layer Security (TLS), which if your mail server allows this method, adds an addition encryption to the email, when the email is sent via the internet

IMProcessor also contains SLINK. This process is the most secure for sending files on the internet. SLINK will establish a safe encrypted link between two PCs. It then will send the encrypted file from one PC to another. The file being sent is re-encrypted with a different encryption file each time a file is sent.

IMProcessor works on windows platforms and has been tested on XP, Vista and windows 7

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