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Enchanting and relaxing weekend for theatre lovers in London

Press Release: June 07, 2016

Weekend is the time which everyone wishes to spend according to his wish and desires enjoying his various hobbies which he could not enjoy due to his hectic working schedule. With an objective to refresh the theatre lovers in London these weekend was not less than a God gift offering them different tastes of theatre from emotions to comedy.

Some of the important events that fascinated the audiences are listed below:

In My Head at the Brockley: The show mainly reveals the mental position of a people in today’s scenario and exhibits different situations of different thoughts which run in a mind of a person.

Drawn In at The King’s: A play that will definitely raise your goose bumps whenever you see it. The story is about a man who wakes up in a room with a pen, a wall, and a set of instructions. Anything he draws on the wall comes into existence at the touch of a button. The play reveals impact of situation that what happens when a person tries to play with a God.

The Yellow Wagtail: Performed brilliantly by Henry (Tom Dixon) and Lily (Hermione Halpin). The play interestingly tells how two persons share close relation with each other and even after separation they are keen to know about changes taken place in each other’s life.

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice: The essence of this play is that You can’t teach talent. You can’t put in what God left out – but you can teach confidence.”

All these plays have ability to compel audiences and look around them and feel them connected with different situations which were exhibited in these plays.

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