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Enabling addiction treatment centers

Press Release: October 11, 2019

Enabling addiction treatment centers with an affordable and customizable Solution based on Salesforce Health cloud taking care of their CRM and EMR needs

Mirketa Inc announces Elixir EMR built for Addiction Treatment Centers on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace.

Mirketa’s customers can now benefit from an Electronic Medical Record built for Treatment Centers on the same platform as their CRM, data will pass seamlessly to an intuitive EMR system built on Salesforce.com
San Ramon, CA, 06/10/2019–Mirketa Inc today announced the official launch of its Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) Elixir on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering businesses to connect with their patients, partners and employees in an entirely new way. Elixir is the first EMR system developed on salesforce.com platform that is specifically designed to meet the needs of Addiction Treatment Centers. Since Elixir is a native Salesforce application, it removes the needs for integrations with 3rd party EMRs for Treatment Centers that use salesforce.com for their business automation needs. Mirketa Inc developed Elixir by working with its Addiction Treatment Center clients and EMR experts to ensure that the application provides the necessary features and addresses the shortcomings of the EMR systems used by Addiction Treatment Centers.

Comments on the News
“Treatment Centers can customize Elixir to track their patients’ journey from first contact through the treatment process and the follow-up visits, all in Salesforce”, says Rajeev Kumar, the CEO of Mirketa Inc.

Kabilan Giridharan, CTO at Mirketa said: “With Elixir, we aim to simplify the day to day lives of the treatment centre staff and improving the overall experience for everyone. Elixir is still in Beta and we are welcoming early adopters. This will also help the clients to introduce their specific requirements in the product while the product is still in beta. We hope to have at least 10 clients in the beta phase to test the right set of features with for such an extensive product in international market.”

“What an innovative tool, we have been demanding this for some time now. The ability to keep patient information and medical information in the same platform streamlines our processes which in return allows us to focus on client care. Mirketa is changing the game in the industry, all for the better”, says
Craig Sommerville, Director of Business Development for Holistix Treatment Center

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About Mirketa Inc
Mirketa Inc is a bay area based business and technology consulting company specializing in salesforce.com configuration, customization, integration, app development and Salesforce Admin services. Mirketa’s domain expertise includes Healthcare and Life Science, Banking & Wealth Management, Manufacturing and Education sectors.

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