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Empress Skincare Announces the Launch of New Skin Care Products Line for Glowing and Youthful Skin

Press Release: January 04, 2019

Empress Skincare is proud to announce the launch of our new skincare line. Our new products will provide a complete skin care solution for aging and tiresome skin, with a combination of various products along with active ingredients which work together to make an overall regimen which offers youthful, clear, and bright looking skin.

Skin specialist believes that one product alone can’t provide a massive impact on the skin. To get the ideal results, it’s crucial that a complete regimen is developed to cure the different problems connected to skin aging. This includes wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, tiresome skin, rough and dry skin and more. The newly launched skin care line includes the following:

Empress Skincare Vitamin C Serum. Perfect for all women of all skin types and ages, the skin care benefits of Vitamin C serum are tenfold, starting with the most sought-after – it helps lower the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Empress Skincare 24K Gold Serum. A luxurious serum which is infused and enriched with 24 carats flakes or gold to make your skin shine with all the power of GOLD. Our 24K Gold can help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Empress Skincare Gold Mask. Dryness of skin could lead to its premature aging. The use of our gold can lessen the dryness of your skin and aids in boosting the metabolic rate. That would stop your skin from premature aging.

Empress Skincare Charcoal Scrub. Our Charcoal Scrub boasts splendor benefits to your skin through drawing dirt, oil and other unsafe substances from clogged pores because of its absorption powers.

All products in their product line are now available at our website https://empressskincare.co.uk/.

About Empress Skincare
Empress Skincare is a skin care company that concentrates on providing safe, effective, and natural skin care products for their consumers. We pride ourselves in keeping high standards when it comes to our items. Setup in London and the name Empress stems from historical beauty regimes followed by Empresses across the globe.  Already our products are a hit with international and celebrity make up artists - check out Instagram page @empressskicnare_ .More products will be release in 2019.

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