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EmpirePayTech Set to Offer $100 for Every Business Referral Made During the COVID-19

Press Release: July 01, 2020

Texas, July 1st, 2020 – EmpirePayTech, a USA based payment processing firm, according to the latest announcement, is set to offer $100 for every business referral made during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One Senior Executive of the company stated, “We are offering $100 for each business referral that will be made during COVID-19. While this offer has been with the business for quite some time now, and many of our clients are already aware of the program, the focus, to once again put into the limelight, the program is to provide the businesses and individuals with the opportunity to make extra cash. Payment processing services are a hot product nowadays; there is no doubt in that. What we aim to do is to help out businesses and individuals that refer to us with some extra money. Think of it as a token of appreciation in the hard times that the country is going through.”

He further added, “Most of the businesses get offers from different payment processing firms. However, what does not happen often is that you do not get business referrals from a satisfied customer whom you happen to know closely. When people hear a company’s name in good words from someone they know, they are more likely to trust that person. The clients that are making honest referrals deserve a gift as well. Offering them $100 for their service is the least we can do to thank them.”

While EmpirePayTech is easily reachable via phone to provide details regarding the program, the company has also dedicated a page on its website that provides a comprehensive account of details as to how the company goes about its referral policies.   


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EmpirePayTech is a financial firm that provides payment processing solutions to customers around the globe. Some of their famous more popular services include mobile payment solutions, gift cards, and loyalty solutions, POS solutions, online reporting, fast approvals, and flexible merchant pricing.

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