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Empire Pay Tech in an Exemplary Move Pledges To Provide 100% Employee Salaries for the Year amidst COVID-19

Press Release: July 01, 2020

Sugar land, Texas, 1st of July 2020 – Empire Pay Tech, a financial payment processing firm has recently announced to pay its employees 100% salaries for the year, despite the fact that many businesses in the same industry have let off their employees or have deducted a considerable portion of their remuneration due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

COVID-19 has created the worst economic crisis in the world. Thousands of people are dying every day due to this virus, and several countries have imposed severe lockdown in order to save their citizenry. A number of companies have shut down completely, while a great number of firms have denied paying salaries to their employees. However, in these tough times, Empire Pay Tech, in an exemplary move; has pledged to provide its employees 100% salaries, even if COVID-19 continues till the end of the year 2020.

According to the Managing Director of the company, “Our employees are working for us day in and day out to help customers. Even in this pandemic, it is because of our employees that our firm is running efficiently. If they are giving their 100 percent in such timings of crisis, then they deserve even more than 100 percent of their payment. This is the least we could do for them by proving them the full salary for the year.”

The CEO of Empire Pay Tech stated, “We are loved by our customers because of the high-quality services we provide to them. All this has been made possible due to our passionate and dedicated employees. A firm can never succeed until its employees love it the same way its customers do. This is just our little gesture to show our employees that we appreciate their efforts and are with them in times of need.”

About Empire Pay Tech

Empire Pay Tech is a USA based financial institution that has served many companies around the world with its merchant account services. The firm is best known for its financial services. Some of its more famous services include POS solutions, gifts and loyalty card solutions, e-commerce payment solutions, and online merchant services.

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