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Emerald Isle Family Crest Rings: Display Your Tradition Proudly

Press Release: March 25, 2020

Emerald Isle Family Crest Rings: Display Your Tradition Proudly

With twenty five years of experience backing us up, Emerald Isle Jewelry is proud to announce our new Family Crest Rings. Fit for both men and women, our rings represent centuries year old tradition of family, love, and loyalty throughout the ages. What will you discover about your own family history and legacy?

Based in Ireland, our family business prides ourself with our specialization of Irish made, Celtic, and Claddagh jewelry. Allow us to help you display your kingdom and beliefs with your own unique family crest ring. When you work with Emerald Isle Jewelry you are given our unique and precise attention to detail as we work diligently with you to ensure your family coat of arms is represented correctly so you may wear it proudly. Choose your crest design based on your family surname to be placed with metals ranging from sterling silver, silver, 10K gold mix, 10K gold, and 14K gold, while we strive to meet even the highest levels of excellence and expectations for every customer.

As jewelry creators, we pride ourselves by remaining true to our own Irish heritage while still incorporating the modern and contemporary creation that links our past to our present lives. Irish and Celtic tradition utilize symbols that represent love, loyalty, kingdom, and belief; concepts that are still strived for and desired, valued in the present day, and are incorporated into our jewelry.

The history of family crest rings dates back centuries with multiple uses such as special identifications, showing distinction between valiant knights, and official representation, all demonstrated through a coat of arms. These crests are also believed to have protected the wearer of the ring during battles and tournaments.

Crest Rings and Clan Rings have deep connections with history from all corners of the world.

Stretching across the world from Egyptians, the French and Spanish crusaders, and other citizens ranked highly noble in society were recognized by the status of their ring. Each unique ring possess its own unique purpose and identification based on its intentions.

These rings were given for men of merit and through the passing from father to son, passed down through generations. Knights would often design their rings to show they were superior to their opponents. These rings would work as certificates for claims to property or positions in office and society ranking by aristocrats or higher. Certain variations and patterns represent the arms of both women and men as well as the metal, color, and stones.

The reason these rings are unique is because of the different patterns, colors, and metals used to create them. The shapes and designs of the shields, worn by men, and diamond shapes, worn by women, represent different gender, positions in society and the church. Images used were more often a lion, cross, or eagle to represent bravery, faith, and freedom. The question is: what can you discover about your own family crest?

These Family Crest Rings represent hundreds of years of tradition that you can also carry into your own family. In way, finding your family crest and creating your ring can spark the curiosity to know more about your own family history. Where did your ancestors live? What battles did they get to conquer in their lifetimes? What similarities do your past and present currently share?

Were there beliefs held in your family's past that are still held to this day? Or have they changed over the years? Are there beliefs they stood for that you want to bring back to your family?

Because of the thousands of surnames in the world, Emerald Isle Family Crest Rings has the ability to research the images of your crest to be sent to you for approval of the design before starting on your ring. We value our relationship with our customers and believe they are most important thing to possess in a successful business. We provide a customer service for questions and advice pertaining to your purchase. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Be a part of this unique and beautiful tradition with your family's crest and legacy and learn more about your family's traditions and beliefs. Get your Family Crest Ring and join our family at www.emeraldislejewlery.com.

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