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Elluminati Launches Uber Clone for Taxi Businesses to Expand Reach Over Countries

Press Release: May 19, 2020

Elluminati Inc has been providing on-demand app solutions to businesses around the world. With its very own uber clone app solution stack, it aims to empower transportation businesses with on-demand business ability. The solution stack involves all the required modules developed by expert developers using the latest technology stack.

Mobile applications have become an inevitable part of our lives. While they serve us with all the essential services, it becomes equally important to consider the best use of them. Nowadays, the on-demand market has risen, and every other app available in the market is heavily focused on delivering services on customers' demand. And while the transportation sector can be easily updated to remote service offerings, the apps that empower enhanced ride-booking comes in picture.

"The on-demand economy gives a business the flexibility of operating from remote places. By connecting their app solutions with a central console, they can keep monitoring and managing the business operations without having to remain stuck at a single place. And so, the app solution stack is used extensively to manage and control efficiently. Elluminati offers a solution stack that includes rider and driver dedicated mobile apps and an admin dashboard that makes the operations smoother and ride-booking easier." The representative added.

The Uber clone solution offered by Elluminati includes the following modules:

  • Native Android and iOS Rider Application
  • Native Android and iOS Driver Application
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • User Panel
  • Corporate Panel
  • Hotel Panel
  • Partner Panel

By using native Android and iOS technology, our app solutions can be used by massive audiences worldwide and facilitate easier audience targeting across countries. With the essential features that ensure business growth is supported throughout the time, the app solution stack enables a business to expand its operations across the world.

The business-centric features of Uber clone are:

Business Expansion Support

If a taxi booking business wants to expand its operations across cities, states, or countries, they can easily do so using the multi-country and multi-city support. The management across the countries becomes easier with multi-language facilities included in the solution stack.

Larger Audience Targeting

With a dedicated user panel, a.k.a., a user website, the ride-booking facilities can be offered to many users who can book rides online without using the app solution. Moreover, the user website helps in promoting the efforts and gain leverage in the competitive market.

Manage with Partners

For businesses that want to expand their business but assign the responsibilities to other authorities rather than choosing a single authority, they can use the partner panel that gives them the rights admin wants them to have. Also, it helps them manage the business centrally by allowing control over partners and, at the same time, more authoritative figures to enhance the ride experience.

Integrate Corporates

If you want to enable corporate-specific rides, the app solution stack delivers a dedicated corporate panel to place corporate ride requests and calculate the ride fare in an entirely different way. The panel helps the corporates to book rides in advance and can pay for their employees right away.

Ride Fare Estimate

Fare estimation based on the set ride rate per kilometers can be done from the solution stack. The ride fare estimation helps a rider know the fare in advance based on their entered locations of pickup and destination. It can also estimate the arrival time by the total distance calculation. Admin can change and set the ride fare as per their need.

Surge Pricing

It is possible to surge the ride fares during the increased ride-booking durations. The admin can choose to switch the surge pricing on and earn more by increasing the ride fare during a certain duration of time. The surge pricing can ensure the best services are provided to users while the earnings are increased.

By introducing such an excellent solution for riders and taxi businesses, Elluminati offers the best services and three months of technical support after the purchase. By transforming the solution language as per the customers' choice, the business can introduce flexibility and user support with user-centric features.

About Elluminati

Elluminati Inc has the experience of developing white label on-demand mobile apps for 7+ years. They are one of the renowned on-demand mobile app developers focusing their work on transforming the transportation, delivery, and marketplace businesses worldwide. By introducing completely customizable solution stacks, the business can ensure to create its own unique identity in the market with its own app theme and logo.

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