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Elizabeth Catthien released an album

Press Release: September 07, 2018

Elizabeth Catthien is a recording artist from Australia. She is Vietnamese-Australian. She came to Australia with her parents from Vietnam since she was 10. Her parents are medical doctors and worked hard to open a medical centre in Melbourne. Elizabeth worked hard to get into Law school. She is now studying Law and Commerce with a major in Communications at University. When she graduate she is planning to become a human rights lawyer.

She had released the acoustic album called "Beginning Love". It is an album about and intended for humanity. It is about the love that begins for humans at anytime in their life. Be it through a relationship or to each other as human beings. Be it through coming out of a relationship and healing, and realizing that "Love gives love". Or the preserving of the love that was there after breaking up through "I love the love". Or realizing that we are living in a world full of people and if we could love each other, the world is going to be a loving place and everyone is human in "Rock in the ocean".

In Elizabeth’s view, everyone of us is by the very basic is human. She sees everyone as the same with the same basic human needs of living, dreaming, thriving and wanting to love. Everyone is the same regardless of where they come from or what nationality they are, because everyone is the same as human. We are a race that needs to come together to support and love one another. Elizabeth lives in Multicultural Australia and is appreciative of the diversity that was learned. Australians are appreciative and respect differences. She appreciates that everyone is appreciating differences and sees what is the same instead of seeing only differences, and that is the same is we are all humans.

The lyrics to the album, Spotify links and links to the album are available on her website www.elizabethcatthien.com . The music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and ITunes, and Amazon and all other musical outlets.

Elizabeth is studying her degrees full time. In her spare time she writes music and hopes to pursue a career of a recording artist along side her academic career. She finds a way to juggle both.

If you go to her website you will find a statement a situation that Elizabeth is going through. She is dealing with this situation by going to the right authority. Elizabeth had chosen to be upfront about this situation to the public from the very beginning. She asks that the situation and her privacy be respected.

She hopes people will listen to her album with the most open of heart and listen for it’s meanings. And most of all they will look and listen for a Love for the beings that is all of us, a Beginning Love.

For more information visit http://www.elizabethcatthien.com/

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