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Press Release: February 02, 2010

Electronic cigarettes where first launched in 2004 by a Chinese company that manufactured these call Ruyan which are now a popular electronic cigarette brand.

The idea around electronic cigarettes or e cigarettes is that they are a far healthier option as opposed to traditional cigarettes, the reason that this claim as been made is that the electronic cigarette has no tobacco or carcinogens.

There are many chemicals found in the traditional cigarette that are harmful including: acetone, ammonia, tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide in fact it is close to 4000 chemicals and almost 600 can be found in one single cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes only contain nicotine and none of the harmful chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes which makes them less harmful, the electronic cigarette looks just like a traditional cigarette it consists of a battery, led, atomizer and cartridge.

The electronic cigarette or e cigarette works with a battery which is the white stem on the cigarette this contains a lithium battery similar to what is found in watches, this screws on to an atomizer which is a small device that heats up the nicotine when the smoker inhales into there lungs and also emits a harmless smoke on exhaling just like a real cigarette which is odourless and more socially acceptable.

The nicotine is vaporized the due to the heat and gives the smoker that instant nicotine hit producing dopamine chemicals in the brain which satisfies the smokers craving, the led also lights up on inhaling giving the smoker the look and feel of a real cigarette.

This makes the electronic cigarette a healthier option as the smoker is not smoking tobacco which has an unpleasant odour when burning releasing carbon monoxide that prevents oxygen from being carried around the blood stream and also as the electronic cigarette is just vaporized nicotine the smoker is no longer inhaling harmful chemicals which are used in the manufacture of traditional cigarettes.

The electronic cigarettes supplied by the electronic cigarette 2 u website, measure the airflow as the nicotine is vaporized by the atomizer as the smoker inhales measuring and allowing a small dose of nicotine to be taken to curb the smokers nicotine addiction, also the electronic cigarette cuts out after so many puffs are taken as to allow the smoker to put the device down and help cut down the nicotine intake.

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