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Electric New Artist brbn Releases Single, "Nervous"

Press Release: May 27, 2020

brbn​ is releasing his electrifying new single, ​"Nervous"​, on May 29th. The
uptempo and exhilarating single brings a completely new sound to his profile, with previous releases often embodying softer tones and slower tempos. The Bay Area based artist says he's still exploring his own style, and "Nervous" certainly adds a bright new flavor to his developing sound. One aspect that remains constant through his work is brbn's ability to blend singing with rap, which he says is the key factor that allows him to express himself in a variety of genres.

The rapper/songwriter/producer is guided by his extreme optimism for the future. He hopes to continue to explore different styles and release music that keeps both him and his followers happy. When speaking on the success of his most recent release, "Let's Go Home", brbn explains that seeing people excited about his music is keeping him constantly motivated and ready to release more. "I can spend weeks on a single song but still won't release it unless I think it's better than the last song I put out," tells brbn. He adds that since the release of "Let's Go Home", he has created three to four songs that he just wasn't confident in, but fully believes that "Nervous" is a step forward for his sound.

Listen to "Nervous" coming out on May 29th, and look out for the latest from brbn coming soon.

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