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Electric Gate Uk Now Offer A Service To Add Automation To Existing Gates

Press Release: August 18, 2020

Electric Gate UK are offering a new service to help people save money on new gate installation. Customers with driveway gates can get them upgraded to work as automatic gates.

This means that for a homeowner or business that wants to install an electric gate, they can save money by adding automation to an existing gate.

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom., August 18, 2020 - /PressReleasePoint/ -

Swing gates and sliding gates can be updated with operators to transform them into electric automated gates.

If a driveway or entrance has a suitable infrastructure, this can be used to install the automated gate. This way a customer pays for the installation alone.

Benefits of Automation

Many people choose automatic gates over manual gates because of the many benefits.

For example an automated gate offers:

- Privacy from people walking past a property. With one switch of the remote, a gate will close the entrance to a property and keep it more private for the people inside.

- Increased safety is possible with gate automation. Automatic gates allow homeowners the ability to open and close a gate remotely. This means a safer environment for children and pets that will be kept within the garden.

- Automation offers improved convenience. When a homeowner does not need to physically open a gate it makes it easy to drive in and out of the property.

- Unauthorized Vehicles can be kept out of properties with automatic gates. The gates will only open if the property owner authorises it.

- An automatic gate also can save money for the property owner. It helps reduce insurance payments when a secure gate is fitted to the entrance of a property.

- Homes with automatic gates installed will also increase in value. Homebuyers often find a property with an automatic gate installed a desirable option.

- Automatic gates also provide aesthetic appeal to a property. Homes and businesses with automatic gates installed can choose from a range of gate designs that make the entrance look more attractive.

Many materials are available for automatic gate installation including hardwood or cast iron with a variety of finishes.

The cost of Automating Existing Swing Gates

The cost Automating existing gates will vary depending on the work involved. Many gates can be updated from manual to automatic, but some may need to be replaced with new automatic gates.

Gate installers can make use of existing solid posts or pillars. These are needed to install the gates and motors.

The materials used and the style of the gate will also affect the price.

The motor chosen for the automatic gate will also vary in price.

If a homeowner or business chooses an underground motor, this will make it a lot harder work to install. So the costs increase accordingly.

If an existing gate can be automated, then the cost of automation should start around £1,200. This will cover the automation equipment, groundworks and fitting.

Electric Gate UK offers a great opportunity for people in the Newcastle upon Tyne area to add a beautiful automatic gate to their home or business.

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