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Effortless IT has won a 2014 service excellence award

Press Release: July 02, 2015

Effortless IT, a leading global website designing and an IT support company has won the 2014 service excellence award. The company has been selected for quality services, high management standards and commitment to excellence. Service excellence award is one of the most recognized awards and is given to organizations that have excelled in achieving outstanding results in their respective fields.
“As Effortless IT has secured the award, it shows that we are able to offer the best services including SEO, social media marketing and website designing among other services, to our customers,” said Luke Duggan, Director of the company. “The goal of the company is to offer affordable web designing solutions to the customers so that they can easily set up their business online,” he further added.
By offering excellent services to the customers, Effortless IT has gained trust of thousands of customers who now regularly seek a professionals help for different IT services. Service excellence award to the company has further helped in increasing the customer base as the organization has become one of the best companies in Australia.
Lead members of the international organization also congratulate the team and one of them said, “With the rising expectations of the customers, Effortless IT has been able to keep up with the standards while offering the best IT services for online businesses.”

About the Award
The award for service excellence recognizes organizations that have achieved excellent results. Private as well as publicly listed companies operating in Australia are eligible and are nominated for the award. The assessment of the companies is done according to a dynamic framework and the partaking organizations are evaluated against the standards.

The participating organizations have the opportunity to benchmark themselves against top global leaders. The award recipients are recognized for their achievements and involvement in the industry. Their contributions, projects, achievements and products are acknowledged on a worldwide scale which helps them to become a part of the elite companies worldwide.

About the Company- Effortless IT
Effortless IT is not just an SEO company, as you can avail various other IT services from the professionals. Knowledgeable experts at the company will look at your requirements, discuss the cost of the project and design a website that would focus on your targeted audience. Effortless IT helps you to gain your targeted audience and converts them into sales so that your online business can grow smoothly.
If you are looking forward to design an effective yet affordable website for your business, hiring Effortless IT would be the right choice. Many businesses find building a website challenging while others have the idea but cannot find the right company to make the design live. Effortless IT offers reliable and affordable website designing solutions as you would definitely like to make the idea of having an amazing and user friendly website true. By offering consistent and cost-effective online marketing solutions, search engine optimization and content writing services to its customers, Effortless IT have been able to secure the 2014 service excellence award.

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