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Efficient Monitoring Of KPI With Automated Metrics

Press Release: December 21, 2020

Automated Metrics (www.automatedmetrics.io) is pleased to provide clients with their efficient and affordable KPI reporting for car dealers. This tool is specifically designed for car dealerships, helping businesses track individual KPIs, which is crucial to improve employees’ daily performance.

Their system tracks both KPIs and F&I performance, measuring executive penetration rates and setting individual and group targets daily. It also monitors a company’s after-sales, parts sales, used sales, and new sales, allowing clients to know where they are at in terms of revenue and the things that they need to improve to grow their business further. Clients who will acquire the tool can view, monitor, and analyse real-time data and closely observe how their company is doing. They can track the number of units sold – and depending on the data shown – the system can determine the best ways on how a car dealer can sell more by tracking shortfalls in bookings and allowing the business to optimise their recorded information.

They also help car dealers to monitor their WIP levels through detailed KPI reporting, which includes live reports as well as the invoice, parts, and jobs status. The system also identifies un-invoiced WIP, sorts out individual sale types, as well as categorises vehicle units and parts in stock by source, value, and age throughout the day. All these help businesses plan on what to focus in the present time and also envision new goals – both short-term and long-term.

When working with clients, Automated Metrics does not require set-up fees. They also allow unlimited users to use the same system so that the company can give access to their employees as many as they like. Their tool offers over 300 live metrics and live reports, providing the company with detailed insights as to how they can grow their business. Moreover, the system and its data can be accessed via phone, so employees can work whenever and wherever they want.

Their long list of loyal clients worldwide is growing. Some of the car dealers they have worked with are Ford, Hyundai Galway, Connolly Motor Group, Renault Retail Group, and more.

Visit www.automatedmetrics.io for more information.

About Automated Metrics

Automated Metrics is one of the best providers of car dealer software, helping car dealerships improve their daily sales performance. With their highly efficient and affordable system, line managers can now monitor and analyse real-time data on a user-friendly dashboard. Clients can increase their efficiency and productivity as well as make well-informed, proactive decisions on how to recover sales and grow their business. They have more than 270 users worldwide, and their base of loyal clients is growing! If you want to acquire their car dealer software, go to automatedmetrics.io to book a demo! You may also like to dial 02890 538252 or send your written enquiries at info@automatedmetrics.io.

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