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educogym City revolutionising lives in Moorgate, London, with phenomenal fat loss secrets

Press Release: March 15, 2018

In the heart of London City, in Moorgate, is a personal training gym, educogym City, who are changing their clients lives with revolutionary fat loss methods.
London City and Moorgate, is full of busy, hard working men and women working long hours and many putting their jobs above their health. educogym City have created an impressive 15 minute workout system to tailor to the busy city life, allowing clients to get amazing fat loss results while training just 15 minutes per day leaving time to continue with their busy working schedules. “The reason the system is so successful, is quite simply time, most of our clients simply don’t have time to spend an hour or 2 in the gym three to five times a week, even with a traditional personal trainer most people spend 1 hour 3-5 times a week, this just doesn’t work for those working 16 hour days” explained Mica Smith, personal trainer, educogym City.

educogym City opened their doors in the last few years and have created some amazing results and transformations, the average person losing 7.5 pounds of fat and gaining 3 pounds of muscle in just 12 days, and with many achieving more. educogym City personal trainers offer much more than the 'just a gym service'. Mica, one of the educogym City personal trainers explained "We create personalised nutrition plans, training programmes, and on top of that create a positive mindset towards training and pushing to reach each client's individual goals, this is way more than a normal gym, and our results are proof of that."

educogym City is founded on scientific research. Jagir Singh, managing director of educogym Moorgate said, "Our gym, personal training, mindset and nutrition is based on a University research study where the participants were dramatically transformed, losing 7.5 pounds of fat and gaining 3 pounds of muscle in just 12 days, those results are amazing, but the best part about it, is that training only takes 20 minutes per day unlike traditional gyms that involve hour long sessions, and the results are 100% better!". Many do not even believe it is possible, however educogym City and their personal trainers as well as clients, are living proof. "You can view our website, hundreds and hundreds of images of our clients at educogym Moorgate losing a large amount of body fat, gaining a great amount of muscle, lowering their BMI, body fat percentage and overall creating a healthier version of their former selves. It is incredible, the results are phenomenal, and people are literally being transformed before our eyes, in as little as 12 days" said Sanj Bains, personal trainer at educogym city in Moorgate.

Could educogym City be the future of a healthier London? Could educogym City really transform the lives of the busiest employees and business owners of the area? "The reason we are so successful at transforming our clients, especially those working in Moorgate is simply this, our sessions are just fifteen minutes long, you can come to educogym in Moorgate, train, shower, change and leave and still have time for a cup of tea before your lunch break is over, it is that quick, our sessions are so intense that 15 minutes is all you need, we are open in the early hours as well as late evening to allow those working long hours to have to time to get to us, and our personal trainers really motivate you to change your nutrition as a lifestyle, not as a fad diet" explained Eujanie Wilson, Shift PA at educogym City.

educogym City are clearly making big waves in the health and fitness industry. With such a unique and successful programme available, surely it is only a matter of time before these amazing results take over the whole of Moorgate and London city.


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