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Educogym Canary Wharf explain why you should eat MORE fat to burn fat, and how FAT is the fat loss food on the decade

Press Release: August 23, 2017

educogym Canary Wharf are a personal training and nutrition gym, fad diets come and go but educogym Canary Wharf have stuck to what works for years, regardless of fads – low glycaemic nutrition. Here are 7 reasons, why low carb and low sugar along with high fat diets, are the most effective to burn fat in a short space of time.

Eating fat helps you burn fat, getting into ketosis helps you burn the most fat, you eat less when eating high fats, are all statements made about high fat diets, but how does it work? One of educogym’s personal trainers, Godfrey Nurse, explains “your body can very easily store carbohydrates and sugar as fat so if you eat , however when you eliminate these from your diet, and introduce fats, your body uses your own body fat as energy as it has no ‘easy’ food source to store, by using your own fat as fuel, your body creates ketones in your urine, again these are a sign your body is using its own fat as energy, which is why ketosis is so important, finally, fats are filling. We don’t count calories at Educogym Canary Wharf, but our personal trainers and nutritionists do recommend you count your meat and poultry as well as your fats, eating enough fats, and enough food will make you feel fuller for longer, if a diet makes you feel hungry you will never be able to stick it out, which is another reason educogym’s nutrition is so successful”.

Another issue many high fat dieters face, is how to eat more fat. “It really is quite easy, eating plenty of whole, full fat ingredients like double cream and butter along with natural high fat foods like avocados and eggs is step one, then you add the extras, cook in butter, cover your meals and salads in oils, eating low carb high fat nuts like red skin nuts, and to make it even easier, you can eat cheese as either a topping, side or dessert, apply all of these and cut out your carbs and sugar and you are on the straight and narrow path to burning and incredible amount of fat” explained Orlstyne Wilson.

Some of the main worries with high fat diets, is cholesterol "High fat diets do not promote eating unhealthy fats, the fats we eat are known as good cholesterol, they transfer cholesterol to the liver or to be removed from the body, not to be stored, and so therefore are not a worry for cholesterol levels, in fact, a high fat diet can actually improve cholesterol and issues like diabetes” said Rhiannon Okoye, personal trainer at Educogym Canary Wharf, E14.

Fat seems to be the answer, we would love to hear from you about your experiences eating a high fat diet – or if you would like tips.


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