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Education Experts Develop Travel App To Foster Cultural Awareness

Press Release: August 18, 2015

Anamil Tech is launching a travel companion app for toddlers and preschoolers, to support early child development through cultural awareness with the help of education specialists.

London - 17th August, 2015 - Anamil Tech’s second app, “Pacca Alpaca - Travel Playtime”, features 50 landmark-inspired games, designed to introduce children to new cultures and bolster their understanding of the world around them. From dot to to dot and jigsaws, to the recreation of historic sites using virtual building blocks, each game encourages children to explore country-specific landscapes and become familiar with them. Travel Playtime features national flags and authentic music from the country or culture in each game. The app has been designed to entertain and inform children during periods of down time, travel or to aid with bed time settling, and to reinforce class room learning.

Anamil Tech’s Creative Director, Nicole Seymour:

“Following the success of our first app which concentrated on language learning, our strategy on this next one was to focus more on cultural elements. We are so delighted with how this app has turned out, just spin Pacca Alpaca’s gorgeous carousel and away we go to anywhere in the world. Integrating established early learning tools with amazing historic and geographic wonders seemed a natural fit to meet our objective of encouraging curiosity within an engaging interface. During our focus groups, the children were having loads of fun working through each activity anticipating the end result, then feeling empowered when they either knew the landmark or guessed the flag. It was incredibly pleasing to see, and I'm already getting excited about where Pacca Alpaca will venture next!”

Pacca Alpaca Travel Playtime will be available after the Summer and can be sampled in this short video.

Further information about Pacca Alpaca can be found on our dedicated website at: www.en.paccaalpaca.com.


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