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Edition Digital Publishing System Now Free For Students Everywhere

Press Release: March 11, 2016

Edition Digital, developer of the new generation of digital publishing platforms, is ready to share its signature technology with a new generation of passionate and ambitious students. The company is committed to supporting the most exciting, creative and inspiring ideas as they will shape our future world. By offering free access to all students everywhere, Edition Digital empowers students with the technology to create and deliver magazines, portfolios, yearbooks and other digital projects to a global audience.

Edition Digital is now available for all students to create digital projects using the new generation of publishing solutions which are not just app-based but ready for mobile and web. The Smart Digital Publishing System is the first real one-stop shop as it manages all the key requirements of effective publishing; CREATING, MANAGING, DISTRIBUTING, MONETISING and ANALYSING.

Keith Martin, Senior Lecturer at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, said: “I'm delighted that students will get free access to Edition Digital! Putting powerful digital production tools in the hands of students is a truly great move. This is a cutting-edge digital platform, it is based on industry standards, and it is flexible enough to fit into all kinds of student project ideas. Practically all other digital publishing options are either seriously limited in scope or seriously expensive (and they're often both), so free access to Edition Digital is like a breath of fresh air. I've always thought that if we could give students access to tools like this they'll become even more creative and innovative. I'm looking forward to seeing what they make!”

Rok Pulevic, CEO of Edition Digital added: “We firmly believe in passion, aspiration, imagination and the power of knowledge. Our platform is built for exciting, inspiring ideas and to support creative students all around the world we’re offering the use of our Smart Digital Publishing System completely free.”

To guarantee free access, all students have to do is prove their academic status at a qualified university. Importantly, even part-time students or people who enrol for a class at their local community college can be eligible – there is no upper age limit. And online colleges are on the list, too. Students simply provide proof of enrolment such as a school ID card, report card, transcript, tuition bill or statement. Any documents dated within the last year are valid. The verification happens online and takes just one day. In the meantime, students can start creating their digital projects in a fully-functional free trial.

There are no differences between academic versions of Edition Digital Smart Digital Publishing System and regular accounts. ED Free for Students includes up to 5 Live Publications, unlimited GB storage, unlimited advanced animations, unlimited video, audio, animated links and up to 3 users. It can take in your university’s or private site, custom branding, project Folio and advanced Analytics for Live Publications. All publication can be accessed on any device, are Mobile optimised and allow social media connectivity.

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