Press Release: September 03, 2017

September 2, 2017 - Packaged foods with bugs as ingredients are a popular topic in Denmark, thanks to start ups like Din Insekt Butik, Dare to Eat, Inusekt, Enorm, Crickster, BugLady. But now the innovation is arriving from Asia, thanks to Bugsolutely’s presence at Innovate Food event in Aarhus and TechBBQ in Copenhagen.

Bugsolutely is one of the leading start-ups making processed food integrating edible insects. In Thailand, Bugsolutely produces Cricket Pasta, while Bugsolutely China is about to launch Bella Pupa, the first silkworm snack.

TechBBQ, Copenhagen
Massimo Reverberi, founder of Bugsolutely, will be on stage on September 6th, Wednesday, from 11:00 to 12:45 (subject to changes), during a session on alternative protein, with his presentation “Bugs Crawling to the Supermarket Shelves - The New World of Insect-based Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)”.

For more bug-talks you can visit Bugsolutely’s booth at the AgriFood area of TechBBQ event or call +45 71 49 22 06 (Massimo Reverberi)

About Bugsolutely
Bugsolutely is a food company specialized in edible insect products. Founded in 2015 in Bangkok, Bugsolutely is at the forefront of the rapidly growing market of "bug foods" by producing Cricket Pasta, the only pasta in the world containing 20% cricket flour. Cricket Pasta is a superfood with great nutritional values, including a high protein content, and a very low environmental impact. In 2017, thanks to the food accelerator Bits x Bites, Bugsolutely has opened a branch in Shanghai to launch the first silkworm flour-based snack on the chinese market.

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