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Ecommerce Design Trends That Will Push the Industry Forward

Press Release: July 20, 2019

Yeovil, UK – 20th July 2019 - Ecommerce website development is one area where you simply can’t afford to lag behind, as successful customer conversions are critical to your bottom line. The new reign of mobile is especially relevant in ecommerce. Online shoppers increasingly prefer using mobiles - so businesses must adapt their focus accordingly, which means creating sites for mobile first and adapting for larger screens. With cutting-edge, Ecommerce Website Development we expect to see more mobile-friendly features on ecommerce website themes in due course, including lengthy scrolling pages, finger-friendly icons and card-like layouts.

Another trend is the emergence of interactive shopping and animations. For instance, the rise of Google’s Material Design ensures that more ecommerce sites are likely to be built with interactive elements in future. 2019 has already seen plenty of site owners opting to use animations and other clever usual interactions that assist shoppers in navigating pages quickly – typically by tapping or swiping. Ecommerce sites will also sport snazzy buttons, icon rotations, and animated loading bars that more effectively command the user’s attention.

As for the homepage, it’s highly likely that we will see more use of Cinemagraphs – that is, images with tiny, repeating animations developed in the GIF format. These generally appear as home page banners or background images designed to add some vitality to an otherwise dull-looking site. Thomas Brand’s artwork, displayed in Times Square in New York City to great fanfare, is a good example. Cinemagraphs arrived in a slow trickle towards the end of 2016, but we can expect them to be increasingly noticeable in ecommerce stores with time. Facebook openly recommends them now.

The next big thing is the age of the chatbot, which has been brought about partly by the demand for a more closely personalised shopping experience. Digital assistants are an innovative method for serving valued customers and are primarily geared towards answering queries on product availability, specifications, or delivery information - but they can be adapted to do more. Some chatbots are developed to enhance the shopping experience by assisting with purchasing decisions, providing discount codes or issuing shipping notifications. Shopify has already introduced chatbots.

Security is also firmly back on the agenda after a number of high profile data leakage stories in the international press. Dell Security Annual Threat found that malware attacks had surpassed the eight billion mark as early as 2016. Verizon's Data Breach Investigation suggests that up to 89% of cyber-attacks have a financial motivation. Viruses contained within free music downloads, films or apps are a common attack vector, but today’s fraudsters are targeting potential victims via email, social media and ecommerce sites. Many sites are adopting HTTPS encryption to boost security.

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