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Eco-friendly bespoke swimwear brand 1st Man 1st Woman launch campaign to encourage sustainable travel

Press Release: July 12, 2019

Eco-friendly bespoke swimwear brand 1st Man 1st Woman launch campaign to encourage sustainable travel

British eco-friendly swimwear brand 1st Man 1st Woman have launched its #SwimGood campaign to encourage more people to travel sustainably. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the choices that you can make when it comes to travelling in an environmentally friendly way.

While awareness of plastic consumption is on the up, few people are speaking out about sustainable travel. Sustainable travel essentially means finding a way that tourism can be maintained long-term as well as short-term, without harming natural and cultural environments. It should minimise the negative impacts of tourism, and where possible benefit the destination in question.

To travel in a sustainable way, valuing the environment is essential. Travellers need to become more aware of the pollution levels caused by travel, and how this affects the environment, as well as being aware of how tourism affects local people, businesses and native cultures.

1st Man 1st Woman want to raise awareness of the negative impacts on the environment that travelling can have, as well as raising awareness of more sustainable alternatives.

Founder of 1st Man 1st Woman Sandra says: ‘ Travel is a wonderful thing and we all deserve a break from our everyday lives and an opportunity to see the world. The problem is that many of us are taking advantage of the opportunities available to us and choosing to travel excessively or completely irresponsible. The #SwimGood campaign will help make people aware of their environmental impact through travel, and provide them with alternatives to make more conscious decisions’.

How to travel in a sustainable way…

Over the coming months, the campaign will educate travellers as to how they can make more conscious decisions. Here are a few ways in which you can travel more sustainably:

1.Look into the most sustainable form of transport

Try to avoid flying unnecessarily or traveling by yourself. Instead look into the different options available and consider which will have the least environmental impact. If travelling by car, try to travel as a group. If travelling by yourself, taking public transport to minimise your environmental impact. Where possible, take the train instead of flying as this is a more sustainable option. If you do have to fly, try to take a direct flight. Taking off and landing causes the majority of a plane’s carbon emissions, so try to avoid stop-overs.

2. Travel sustainably once at your destination

To get around during your trip walk or cycle wherever possible. If where you need to get to is too far to walk or cycle, use public transport instead of taxis.

3. Be a slow traveller

Avoid flying unnecessarily, or even using public transport or driving unnecessarily. Move around less often and stay at your destination for longer to limit your carbon footprint.

About 1st Man 1st Woman…

1st Man 1st Woman make beautiful bespoke swimwear for both men and women. Made with a conscious, the brand wants to leave a legacy for future generations by taking small steps to create products that are both eco-friendly and ethically made.

Each and every garment made by 1st Man 1st Women is handmade in the UK and workers are all paid a fair wage. The swimwear is all ecologically printed using water based inks, and then heat fixed to eliminate excess, water consumption and water contamination. The swimwear is also made to order, ensuring there is no wastage on both resources and materials


The #SwimGood campaign aims to raise awareness of the problems caused by travel, as well as alternative options to encourage people to make eco-friendly choices when it comes to going abroad this summer. The campaign invites others to share their travel photos with the #SwimGood hashtag to raise awareness but also share how they are choosing to travel sustainably.

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