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Press Release: February 22, 2010

Welcome to Fab Occasion......!

What is Fab occasion all about?

Fab Occasion was originated with the idea to enhance your experience of Ecards on the internet. Greeting cards play a vital role in articulating your emotions and feelings in a marvelous manner. First and foremost goal of this site is to help you to stay in touch with friends, family and loved ones through a touch of a button.

We believe each occasion is special and should be made memorable in the receivers mind. Fab occasion makes it possible. It allows you to send e cards, greetings and e greetings with your emotion and feeling sent with it across the globe with no hassles, no advertisement and no payment or at a very reasonable price.

This website allows you to send personalize video messages to your near and dear ones for any occasions such as Birthdays, Holidays, Valentines day, Diwali, Love, Congratulations, Anniversary, Get well soon and all time favorite e cards online and much, much more! You name it we have it.

The amazing collection of Ecards is developed by our various skilled animators and artists who try to make each card so affluent with graphics, music and animation that would definitely express your feelings, style and sense of humor for your dear ones. You can create a beautiful and memorable card from a variety of designs images, colors and ideas available on Fab Occasion.The added advantage of this site is it approves upload of photos and videos.

We also provide a free reminder or calendar service where you will be alerted about a special occasion whether it is a friends birthday, your parents anniversary or Merry Christmas, we won't let you forget another important occasion ever again.

Free Greeting Cards are encouraged by environmental groups, as they shrink the waste related with huge volumes of printed greeting cards, not to mention saving paper, trees and fuel. Our amazing collection of Ecards will definitely put a smile on the receivers face. Sending free e-cards is fast, free and easy! Try sending a free online greeting card today!

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