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eBuilderz Infotech Helps Businesses Go Digital In COVID-19 Pandemic

Press Release: July 27, 2020

With many businesses at the mercies of COVID-19 pandemic, the future of many small and medium-sized ventures is bleak. The reason being that many of them depend on their brick and mortar shops. The physical store was hit the hardest in the current crisis. Most of them were forced to lay-off some of their workers or shut down. The pandemic has brought the global economy to stand still, and by the time it ends, very few of them will remain running. However, many are not going down without a fight. They are looking for other ways to stay afloat. Since many people changed the way they buy stuff, businesses had to follow suit. 

Websites offer the best way to reach out to consumers during this crisis since most of the people work from home. If you don’t have a website, it’s time to create one, and if you have one, it’s time to upgrade it. This is vital for your success. eBuilderz has been in the front line in helping ventures counter this pandemic. They have done this by helping them build effective websites that engage better with their clients and workers. The world has seen the worst of the virus and is trying to adjust how it conducts business. Social and physical distancing has made it hard to move freely and by stuff in brick and mortar stores. Firms are telling their workers to work remotely to curb the virus.

eBuilderz Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency saw an opportunity to help ventures stay afloat. Not only are they building millions of websites and e-commerce stores, but they also help shops upgrade their stores counter new challenges that are brought about by COVID-19. With the way things are going, it will be hard to make it without a website. What makes websites great business tools is their ability to reach millions, if not billions of people worldwide. 

How Has eBuilderz Helped?

Being among the top Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency, eBuilderz is adhering to the stay at home directive by allowing their staff to work remotely. They have done this by giving them all the tech and resources needed to complete projects while working from home. This ensures that no project stalled and deadlines are met. Many ventures come to us for all sorts of web solutions, and we always deliver. This is how eBuilderz does it:

  1. By helping business owners build functional and responsive websites and e-commerce sites. Once a website is up and running, they use digital marketing to tell the world about products and services offered by the company. 
  2. New ventures that know little about running a business online are given advice and skills on how to maneuver to succeed. These include building e-commerce websites and business apps that run in the cloud.
  3. Consultation services make it easier for companies to find proper digital marketing strategies to put their products and services on the maps. 

What Clients Say Web Design And Digital Marketing Services Offered By eBuilderz Infotech 

During the COVID-19 crisis, we have helped many ventures come out of the economic turmoil, and this is what they say about eBuilderz:

“eBuilderz came to my rescue where my business was at the brink of closing down. I owe it to the big time. I don’t know how I could have managed it without them.” – Robin Collins

“I never thought that I could get back on my feet again when COVID-19 came. I closed most of my stores due to the lockdown. eBuilderz help me create an e-commerce store, and I am now okay!” – Susan White 

To Conclude

eBuilderz is dedicated to seeing all-sized businesses make it in the online world; that is why we use the latest tech to build websites and web apps. In this Covid-19 pandemic alone, we have done more than 100 projects. 

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