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Ebookwriter Revolutionizes Authorship

Press Release: October 05, 2016

Windsor, UK; 4th October, 2016
Kickstarter Campaign Ebookwriter Improves Writers’ Turnaround Time

According to Bowker, less than 160,000 ebooks were self-published in 2013 in the US. With nearly 300,000 people employed as writers or editors in the US, of which 65.9 per cent are self-employed as listed by StudentScholarships.org, it’s clearly evident that ebook authorship is under produced. Widen this trend out to include the UK, Canada and Australia, for example, and the results show a similar pattern. Ebookwriter seeks to change this trend. By empowering ebook authorship for both professional and non-professional writers and creating the right conditions to work effectively, Ebookwriter sets out to offer a way for writers to fulfil their creative potential.

Currently launched as a Kickstarter.com campaign, Ebookwriter comes to market in 2017. “One of the drawbacks to authorship involves the economic viability and time constraints associated with the work when self-employed professional writers need to make a living” said Ebookwriter creator Jane Humphries: “Ebookwriter provides a template system that streamlines your workload so that ebook production becomes viable and sustainable with quicker turnaround times.”

With writer sign-up forecast to be exponential as news spreads within the industry, ebook growth over the next decade is expected to outpace anything that has been seen before. When Bowker forecast a plateau in ebook authorship for the foreseeable future, Ebookwriter has identified the reasons why, and now writers have the opportunity to build their careers at an achievable rate.

About Ebookwriter: Dedicated to the empowerment of writers, Ebookwriter plans to launch many new authors who want to build an ebook portfolio in fiction. Mission statements: Ebookwriter—empowering you to write; Kickstarter campaign: Ebookwriter--together we can give writers a platform to succeed.
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