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Easy Twitter and Facebook Updates with New iPhone App

Press Release: January 20, 2010

Cuspus is ideal for iPhone users who perhaps sometimes struggle for something to say in their Twitter and Facebook updates. There is nearly always something interesting to say about your current location and what you are doing there. To alleviate concerns about exposing location information, Cuspus allows the user to select how much detail is provided within the update message. For each update the user can easily select definable Favourite locations, such as Home or Office. Alternatively the user can select between current Street, current Town/City or just the current Country that they are in. At the touch of a button the user can choose whether the update is sent to just Twitter, just Facebook, just Cuspus friends or any combination of the three.

When you run the app, Cuspus opens up with a map zoomed to show the last update location of all of your friends and all of the favourite locations that you have defined. This provides a snapshot view of where you currently are in relation to your friends. If you are travelling then why not turn on the Auto Update feature where your changing location will be automatically updated to Twitter / Facebook every few minutes. This is a really handy way of keeping an eye on the progress of your loved-ones when they are out travelling.

The Pinpoint screen provides a radar-like view of the users location in relation to friends and favourite locations. This is particularly useful at a large outdoor event such as Glastonbury Festival, when you need to locate a friend or find your way back to your tent!

Pure Midas runs its own instant messaging service that provides free real-time direct text-based communication between two Cuspus friends. Both users have to authorise each other before they are able to chat. Using Apples push notification service, chat messages received will be delivered to the users iPhone even if Cuspus is not running at the time.

Syxth Limited is an innovative UK company trading under the name Pure Midas. The Pure Midas team have considerable experience in creating telemetry and telematics systems that provide remote control and monitoring across the Internet. With the assistance of grant funding from the UK government Technology Strategy Board, during 2010 Pure Midas will launch a number of innovative yet practical products that allow users to interface an iPhone or Android phone to real-world devices and systems such as home central heating boilers.

Cuspus iPhone App can be downloaded from:

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