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Easy Life proudly launch the first free app to take care of Seniors

Press Release: May 20, 2019

London, UK: Today, E.L. Easy Life UK ltd, an innovative start-up specialized in Senior’s safety and health, announced the release of the free app in the UK Market. After 2 years of R&D, they finally created the all-in-one service that allows caregivers to be peace of mind while the app helps them checking on their loved ones’ health status. “famil.care Lite” is the name of the app that you can find from today on Google Play Store and App Store, free to download. The steps to follow in order to use the service are: Download the app, register your data (name, phone number, email, password), your elderly’s data (name and phone number) and download the app on your elderly’s smartphone.

Famil.care will help you always localise where the Senior is (thanks to the GPS), remind him to take the pills through voice memos and call him in automatic loudspeaker mode with no need for him to touch the phone. Discover all the features on www.familcare.co.uk

Do you want to stay close even in case of emergency? famil.care can be integrated with a wearable device that notifies you automatically if your loved one fall down and can be press in case of emergency. Upgrade to ELPO visiting our website https://www.familcare.co.uk/products/elpo

About E.L. Easy Life UK ltd: E.L. Easy Life UK ltd is an innovative startup based in London, UK. Founded in 2015, Easy Life created “famil.care”: the service that help families taking care of elderly and kids in their daily life and in case of emergency – even from afar.

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