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East Coast Vacation Rentals - Water, Sunshine, Scenery & Spectacular Buildings

Press Release: March 10, 2010

From stunning beach vacations such as Palm Beach, Miami Beach and St. Augustine Beach to secluded villas and holiday homes for families and couples, there is something to cater for every visitor to the south-eastern corner of the United States.

The United States are justifiably proud of their NASA space centre and the East coast houses Cape Canaveral, where tens of NASA spacecraft have been launched over the last five decades. The Kennedy Space Center is open to tourists worldwide, with its homage to historic space events and the evolution of NASAs space programme strategies from the past to the future.

Thousands of East coast vacation rentals visitors flock to Daytona Beach, regarded by many as the worlds most famous beach resort. There is such a variety of activities and livelihoods to be found across Daytona Beach, with fishing, shopping and numerous other tourist attractions on offer. Daytona is known for its fast cars and motorbikes, hosting the Daytona International Speedway which is a world-renowned sporting event.

The city of Jacksonville is the most impressive metropolitan area within the East coast, with its numerous areas of natural beauty opening the door to lovers of wildlife and scenic surroundings. Jacksonville boasts a great number of State Parks with plenty of freedom for families to enjoy. The unique Jacksonville Riverwalk provides a stunning insight into the beauty of the St. Johns River and the citys charming skyline, epitomising what the East coast of Florida is all about water, sunshine, scenery and spectacular buildings.

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