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Earn your licenses and necessary training for aspiring pilots to make your dream come true

Press Release: April 10, 2020

 To pursue a career in Aviation and becoming a commercial pilot for all the aspiring students can be a reality now. A career in the field that allows you to swirl in the clouds and fly over mountains. So by choosing the right flying air school you boost your chances to get a right job after becoming a pilot.

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This article below is for those aspiring candidates who always dreams of becoming a commercial pilot but were not guided correctly. Actually, lot of people gets confused between a commercial pilot and an Airline pilot. Most of the people assume it to be the same. A commercial pilot is not always necessarily an Airline pilot. But the opposite is always true. Commercial pilots can be tour pilots, cargo pilots or background pilots. They can be flight instructor, ferry pilots or glider tow pilots.

Commercial pilots applicants must be at least 18 years old on the day they apply for CPL. They must be also able to read, write, speak and understand English. To become a pilot, aspirants need to join a good air flying school in the world after the completion of their 10+2.They should have passed their 10+2 exams with Physics and Mathematics if ones wants to attain DGCA CPL. In countries like USA , Canada , New Zealand` , Australia , etc Physics and Math’s in grade 12 th is not mandatory .The minimum marks changes according to the different institution in which they are going to apply . But Dgca will only issue Indian CPL if the applicant has Physics and Math’s in grade 12 th and has successfully cleared both these subjects . In case one does not have these subjects, they can be cleared through NIOS . If you are serious about your career as a pilot then enrolling for Student Pilot license (SPL) is the first step. Most of the institutions conduct their written examination for choosing potential pilots. Conventionally a pilot first gets his Student Pilot License (SPL),then he proceeds to the Private Pilot License and finally he can enroll to get his Commercial Pilot License(CPL).There are various other licenses which are required by the pilot simultaneously which includes Instrument Rating ,Night Rating and Multi-engine rating. These licenses are also required to become a pilot.

Although the job of a pilot seems to be exciting and thrilling, it comes with a set of responsibility. You are basically responsible for the lives of many passengers and crew, so it is important for him to have patience, alertness and he should be able to deal with different emergency situations.

Now we have already mentioned about the eligibility and educational background for becoming a Pilot. But now coming to the fact that becoming a pilot is a highly specialized job. You just not have to be intelligent and smart but also clear a series of some physical and medical tests accordingly. In India our governing body Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has set some DGCA Class 1 and Class 2 medicals for becoming a pilot. Similarly, different countries have different set of medical test for becoming a pilot. You should not get fooled by the myths such as if you are wearing glasses then you can never make it to become a professional pilot. Contrary to this you can fly commercial aircraft's with glasses or contact lenses, as long as your vision is correctable to 20/20.But for sure there will be certain medical tests for your vision ,hearing ,general checkups, blood and urine samples, and some cardiovascular checkups. After clearing all the medical tests and fulfilling the eligibility criteria of flying fine with your all licenses you are ready for achieving your dream of becoming a Commercial pilot.

About the Company : With HM Aviation you can fulfill your dream of becoming a Commercial Pilot. With this in mind, we have tied up with different flying schools in different countries.

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