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E-Lock digital signing solution make Siemens HR processes more efficient

Press Release: February 15, 2017

Siemens Ltd. has selected E-Lock digital signature software to make its HR process efficient. Siemens Ltd. has chosen to digitally sign their appraisal letters and make this process faster and more secure. E-Lock is a pioneer in the field of digital and electronic signatures. It provided a solution to Siemens Ltd. to digitally sign employee appraisal letters from within their HR application.

Siemens Ltd. was generating appraisal letters for all their employees from their HR application and printing and signing them before distributing them manually. This process took a long time and lot of efforts. Now with E-Lock signing solution, the authorized signatories are able to digitally sign all appraisal letters generated in their application using their digital certificates in USB dongles in just single click and then electronically send them to recipients. This has saved time and efforts needed to print, sign and distribute paper based letters.

HR processes that shift to electronic mode using digital signatures experience a substantial improvement in the turnaround time. PKI based digital signatures offer enhanced security to the documents. Electronic documents are also easy to store and retrieve later when needed.

Digital signature solutions can help processes to go online by integrating signing capabilities to any web based applications. E-Lock provides PKI based, legally binding digital signature software that can easily and seamlessly integrate with any application / system. It helps organisations save time, efforts, costs and resources required for physical processes. It allows organisations to go green and improve employee experience.

About E-Lock: E-Lock is global provider of PKI based signature and encryption software solutions. E-Lock solutions are used to complete the last mile in regulatory compliance of paperless transactions. Solutions help organizations make business processes secure and provide authentication, non-repudiation and confidentiality for documents, content and transactions. E-Lock products are compliant with worldwide e-signature legislation like HIPAA, 21CFR part 11, US E-Sign law, GPEA, UETA, SOX, EU law, JITC, Indian IT Act 2000 etc. For more information pl. visit: www.elock.com

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