Press Release: January 14, 2021

Dyspraxia Support Group Teesside arranges regular sessions and workshops for adults, parents & children with dyspraxia. The project runs under the umbrella of Roseberry Community Consortium, a local Teesside based charity helping disadvantaged groups of young people across the region. 

Due to the current covid 19 situation, we are delivering our sessions and workshops online. We are following government guidelines.

What does Dyspraxia Support Group Teesside offer?

·       Two support groups: parents & children and adults with dyspraxia
·       Free workshops based on specific issues affecting dyspraxic individuals (life skills, jobs, handwriting, spelling & grammar, creativity)
·       Social activities like quizzes and group activities

·       Talk to professional for obtaining advice and support (occupational therapist, job coaches, dyspraxic celebrities)

·       One one session running every Friday

·       Work experience for 13 to 25 years old who have dyspraxia

·       Training local organizations about dyspraxia

Goals for 2021

·       Run workshops for adults with dyspraxia (life skills, counseling on mental health, creative, quizzes,)
·       Run homeschooling for children with dyspraxia (handwriting, spelling & grammar, education strategies, creative, advice & support) and we will also do online co-ordination workshops 
·       Continue offering online work experience for 13 to 25 years old who have dyspraxia

Testimonials about the group

"Well, this group has helped me to find new friends who understand my special needs who I can talk to about my problems without feeling out of place. Plus we do activities together."

“It was brilliant thank you so much. I learned more tonight about dyspraxia than I have learned in the last 6 months.”

What we are looking for?

We are looking for dyspraxic individuals to be referred to our groups. 

To register as a member, you need to browse through our website  www.dyspraxiasupport.org and go to about us.

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Pritthijit Datta

Tel: 07804368585

Email: dyspraxiateesside@mail.com

Visit the newsroom of: Pritt