Home DVCOMM is offering Newline NT series commercial grade display panels for education and business

DVCOMM is offering Newline NT series commercial grade display panels for education and business

Press Release: July 26, 2020

DVCOMM is offering Newline NT series interactive display with innovative non-touch display and vivid 4K resolution images for better interaction and collaboration.

Interactive display is dynamic touch-screen based display device that allows to make vibrant visual presentations and modulate images and text through finger tips. Interactive displays find their application in all sectors like education, business, retail, healthcare, military and defense and others.

The global interactive screen market is blooming since it enables to achieve better customer interaction and engagement. The global market was valued at 14.63 billion dollars in 2018 and was forecasted to reach 29.19 billion dollars by 2026. (Source: ZION Market Research).

The 21st century digital classroom is equipped with touchscreen interactive whiteboard to enable better understanding, engagement and collaboration. The integration of interactive screens for business is playing a vital role in connecting people from remote locations through videoconferencing and facilitating interaction and collaboration. The exclusive features of the Newline NT series are meant to streamline your business meetings by using collaborative tools for effective presentations.

NT Series Product Features

  1. Panel Size

The NT series displays come in two panel sizes – 85” and 98”.

  1. Non-touch display

There is no need to get up and touch screen. The non- touch function saves the interactivity of the devices you connect to the display.

  1. Superior Image Quality

The 4K UHD image quality and excellent brightness ensures vibrant images.

  1. Embedded microphone

The built-in microphone array is designed for conferencing calls and voice control. The echo cancellation, noise reduction, and reverb removal in the NT series interactive displays helps in generating clear and distinct audio in classroom and meetings.

  1. Remote control

The remote-control aids in changing slides, opening apps or switching sources.

  1. Remote Management

Through Newline's built-in Display Management solution, you can manage the interactive screen centrally from a convenient web portal.

  1. Android Version and memory specifications

The interactive flat panel boards have smart system with Android 8.0, 3GB RAM and 16 GB ROM.

  1. OPS Slot

The NT devices are equipped with Open Pluggable Specification OPS – PC Slot.

  1. Wireless screen sharing

 The built-in Newline Cast helps to cast your device wirelessly and share your screen.

  1. Device compatibility

The Newline NT series is compatible with any device, be it Windows, iOS or Android.

  1. Direct cloud access

You can access and manage your files from your preferred cloud service directly to the interactive flat panel display. Even if you forget to bring your personal device, you can cast your presentation into the display if it is present in the cloud.

The NT series products can be purchased through DVCOMM.


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