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Duralegacy Offers 60 to 85 Percent Coverage of Paycheck on Disability Insurance

Press Release: May 27, 2020

Disability insurance Toronto policy offers you coverage when you are unable to complete your work duties due to health issues. Duralegacy now offers 60-85 percent of your paycheck salary as compensation when you choose this policy.

Earlier, disability insurance coverage only used to cover half of the salary you receive every month. But, with the latest announcement, Duralegacy now offers 60 percent to 85 percent of your salary as monthly compensation for your coverage. You can use this money for your expenses, medical fees, utility bills, and other personal activities.

Disability insurance Toronto is a special policy that helps your finances in case of an injury or illness that prevents you from performing activities that causes a problem with earnings. Most of the employers in Canada offers this policy coverage to its employees, and so, nearly everyone has disability coverage. However, the benefits related to the policy depends on the type of disability policy.

Duralegacy offers many benefits along with the policy like you can choose your premium depending on several factors such as occupation and income. This long-term disability policy covers your expenses for nearly two to five years, giving you enough time to recover from a major accident too. Another major factor is that the policy will stay by your side even when you change the job or the location.

This insurance company also offers life insurance, critical illness, and other investment options that can help you in the hour of need. You can get in touch with the company for in-depth information about the insurance policies and their advantages.

About the company

Duralegacy is an insurance brokerage company that provides life, critical condition, and disability insurance Canada polices for helping you in insuring yourself for a better future. With the years of experience and customers handled by this company, it understands your needs better for offering the required insurance policy as per the budget, expectations, and current conditions.

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