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DS TAGS introduces the DS BAGTAG; the worlds first secure electronic bag tag solution that lets you beat the queues at airports.

Press Release: May 19, 2015

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, The Netherlands, April 23th 2015 – DS TAGS® today proudly announced the DS BAGTAG™ solution; the world’s first secure electronic bag tag solution for the aviation industry.

Since the introduction of online check-in for passengers, the airport baggage check-in and drop-off process has more or less remained the same despite the introduction of automated baggage check-in systems. Passengers travelling with checked baggage still have to stand in line to check-in their bags at the airport. Bags are still fitted with a so-called thermal paper bag tag; a complex composite of chemicals, paper and plastic that is wasted after each trip. Over the past year alone the aviation industry issued approximately 3.3 billion thermal paper bag tags. And with passenger numbers growing each year queues at airports are getting longer and longer. Now there is a better way. The DS BAGTAG solution changes the way we travel with checked baggage. Passing through airports just became a whole lot faster, more convenient and secure.

More advanced in every way

The DS BAGTAG solution has been designed as a secure airline independent solution, which fully supports interlining. Together with the airlines providing online baggage check-in, the DS BAGTAG solution contributes to a highly convenient off-airport baggage check-in and an estimated 85% faster baggage drop-off process at the airport.

The patent pending DS BAGTAG solution is more advanced in every way. It consists of a secure electronic bag tag device, a secure cloud-based travel document delivery services platform and a dedicated smartphone app named DS FLIGHTBOOK™ for storing travel documents and transferring bag tag data to the DS BAGTAG device.

No impact on airport infrastructures & airline safety

The DS BAGTAG device features a single, custom built, 4.0” E-paper display. The optimized barcode presented on the display and the integrated RFID UHF chip allows the DS BAGTAG to be used at any airport; now and in the future and as such has no impact on airport infrastructures. Equally important, the tag’s superior readability will result in less lost luggage and improve operational efficiency. The ultra low power design ensures the built-in power supply of the DS BAGTAG will last at least 5 years at frequent use. The passive integration of the wireless interfaces ensures no radio signals are emitted on board an aircraft, making it safe to use.

Secure end-to-end data transfer

Airlines can connect to the DS TAGS travel document delivery services platform and integrate the secure end-to-end services in their own online environment. It works right out of the box.

The cloud-based platform encrypts the passenger’s travel documents and delivers these to the smartphone of the rightful traveller. Travellers can easily and securely update their DS BAGTAG themselves from anywhere using their Bluetooth and/or Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled smartphone and the DS FLIGHTBOOK app. As soon as a secure wireless connection has been established between the secure element of the DS BAGTAG device and the DS TAGS servers, the bag tag data will be transferred, decrypted, processed and presented on the display.

“DS TAGS was faced with the challenge to reimagine the traditional thermal paper bag tag and come up with a design that is able to withstand the harsh conditions checked baggage have to endure, is simple to use anytime anywhere and still looks desirable„ Erik Harkes, CEO and Founder DS TAGS

Design & customer experience

“The DS BAGTAG is the result of many years of research & development and perseverance. With its gorgeous gloss cover lens and rubber exterior finish, the tag feels exquisite and robust at the same time so even the most active globetrotter can enjoy the new way of travelling with checked baggage for many years.” Erik Harkes continues: “Travellers will appreciate the simplified and much faster airport baggage drop-off process. It saves time and frustration for travellers, whereas airlines will have a simplified and more efficient baggage handling process. It truly changes the way we travel with checked baggage.”

The DS BAGTAG is extensively tested in real-life settings and extreme circumstances. The newly developed custom E-paper display is optically bonded to the scratch resistant cover lens and ensures excellent barcode visibility during its lifetime. Moreover, the DS BAGTAG can handle extreme luggage bumps and drops during transport as drop-ball tests have proved. Together with an innovative baggage mounting solution, the DS BAGTAG will perform under all circumstances.

Changing the way we travel

DS TAGS is changing the way we travel by offering the fastest, most convenient and secure way to pass through airports. The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol based technology company is in an advanced stage with several top-tier airlines for the delivery of the DS BAGTAG in 2015.

DS TAGS is led by experienced professionals with a track record in innovation in the aviation-, IT- and consumer electronics industry. DS TAGS has received committed capital from 5square Aviation and is a strategic partner of IATA[1].

Find out more about DS TAGS at: www.dstags.com

[1] IATA: International Air Transport Association is the trade association for the world's airlines, representing more than 250 airlines that represents 84% of total air traffic.

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