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Drones in Singapore Restaurants Can Leave Waiters Penniless

Press Release: May 04, 2016

Singapore, May 04, 2016 -- In Singapore, the Timbre restaurants use drones as waiters. Flying drones deliver food and drinks to the tables of visitors.

Unmanned robots are controlled by a computer program and are oriented in space using infrared sensors. Additionally, each of them is equipped with cameras, and the screws are protected by gratings.

Implementation of a robot was decided due to lack of staff in the industry. Currently, waiter’s deficit in the country is about 7000 people. It is noted that the local youth is not committed to working in restaurants due to low salaries.

"We have serious problems with the labor force due to changes in the foreign policy of the state. Many restaurants in Singapore do not have enough staff. We realized that the delivery of orders take a lot of time. This affects the quality of customer service. It is simply impossible to catch a waiter, they are constantly running back and forth, "- told the International Business Times restaurant manager.

Edward Chia, managing a network of restaurants Timbre Group, which employs 90 waiters, said that drones will reduce the number of staff in institutions of up to 40 people.

As a result, Timbre, contact local startup company Infinium-Serve, offering drones and software to them. They have developed and implemented a system using the anti-collision algorithms, allowing the operators to manage a staff of drones. It is worth noting that the drones don’t fly over the heads of clients, they just repeat the route of waiters. This should improve the safety of their use.

By Timbre it is estimated that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles will increase the restaurant's performance by 25 percent. To transfer part of the routine work of the machines, people will be able to improve their professional skills, moving up the career ladder, say restaurateurs. By the end of the year, flying drones will appear in all Timbre network restaurants in Singapore.

It is noted that it will be impossible to get rid of staff, since the drones can only deliver the food - the waiters still have to arrange meals.

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