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Driving Penalties - Dorset Police Seek Out Multiple Driving Offences in One Day

Press Release: March 17, 2010

A staggering 30 driving penalties were registered in a solitary day, the most bizarre of which saw a 53-year-old female pulled over by officers for driving with her bonnet completely open, virtually obscuring the entire windscreen and posing a significant threat to other road users.

Other exceedingly dangerous driving penalties included a male driver rolling up a cigarette whilst steering the vehicle with his elbows, while six other Dorset drivers were caught using their mobile phones.

These latest findings on just one day on the roads prove that many UK motorists still do not appreciate the immense risks that lie around every corner and that driving without due care and attention can ultimately have life-changing consequences. Nine of the 30 driving offenders were driving without wearing a seatbelt and 10 driving penalties were caused by breaking the speed limit.

Dorset road safety manager Robert Smith admitted: "Our partners in the police aren't having to look too hard to find examples of dangerous driving, from the bizarre to the truly terrifying."

The issue of road safety continues to leave transport authorities scratching their heads, with even tougher measures likely to be the only way to truly keep a lid on dangerous driving penalties.

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