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Driving experiences to feel the thrill of the track

Press Release: January 04, 2010

As children, we always dream of gaining more freedom. As we grow up we progressively gain more freedom through rites of passage such as leaving school and entering the big wide world, turning 18 and enjoying full adult status and ultimately leaving home and getting our own place. But nothing seems to provide more freedom than passing your driving test and being granted access to go wherever you want to go. At first it feels an absolute privilege just to get in your car and drive but eventually we take this for granted. One of the main problems is that we are often endowed with a vehicle that is capable of far more than what we are allowed to do with it. As humans we are always progressing and trying to push the bar that little bit higher but the rules of the road and the requirements of safety constrain our passion for motoring. This isn't of course a bad thing, the last thing we want or need is for everyone to go crazy on the roads.

Driving experiences are the perfect way to fulfil that urge to put the pedal to the metal without the day to day restrictions of the road. A driving experience essentially provides you with access to a high performance vehicle so that you can go wild and floor it around a purpose built race track. The sort of cars available for such an experience could be anything from your every day hot hatchback through powerful and agile sports cars or even monstrous supercars by legendary manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin.

For those with a racing urge, the very mention of these marques is sure to stimulate interest. There really is nothing quite like turning up to a track knowing that you are minutes away from getting behind the wheel of a Lamborghini with upwards of 500bhp and acceleration from 0 to 60mph in around 4 seconds. Or maybe you would prefer getting your hands on the iconic Aston Martin DB9 so you can drive around like James Bond for a day in this British masterpiece, although don't worry, there won't be anyone chasing you or shooting at you!

Upon arrival at one of these experience days you will first be given a short talk as to not only how to control such a machine around the track, but in the techniques to get the maximum performance out of it to ensure you derive as much pleasure from the session as possible. Many people believe that the instructor that rides with you will be constantly enforcing restrictions upon you to keep the ubiquitous health and safety inspector happy and to ensure that the firm's lovely car doesn't get ruined but this is far from the truth. Whilst they certainly do not want anyone to get injured, they are most likely going to be suggesting ways in which to push the car harder and faster, for example minimising your braking zone or how to better hug the apex of the corner. Remember, these instructors are professionals and are most likely racers themselves, so you are unlikely to scare them!

The only real restrictions on these experiences are that you have a valid driving licence and that you are generally in good health. There are various firms that offer these experiences and they provide a vast choice of nationwide locations that make it easy for you to turn up and drive to your heart's content. Some of these companies may have height and weight restrictions that will vary according to the vehicle.

Almost all experience providers will allow for two people to have the same experience together. So whether you want to share the experience with a friend or if you just want to prove those skills you have for so long boasted of to your wiser half, pair and group arrangements are easily made.

Other than supercar and sports car experiences, there are a wide range of experience formats to be enjoyed. If you don't want the instructor sitting next to you, you can always opt to drive a single seater car. These are purpose built lightweight cars with no purpose other than going as fast as possible. On this experience you will jump straight into a lower Formula car such as a Formula Renault or a Formula Silverstone which are essentially the baby siblings of a Formula 1 car. A pace car will drive in front of you for a while to show you where to position yourself on the track and how to take corners. Then they will move out of your way so you can unleash the fury of the engine without restriction.

For those who find the tarmac a little tame, there is also the chance to get your hands on a rally car with over 200bhp to rip up the dirt. On this experience you will be taught everything you need to know in order to maintain control in difficult conditions. For those who perhaps find cars a bit boring why not try racing around in a fire engine, a dumper truck, a JCB, a tank or even on a sofa (yes really). Or if you really really don't like cars, why not try crushing them in a 7.5 litre monster truck.

There are many different experiences available at locations all over the country and in some cases, children and families can even be accommodated. Go karts and quad bikes provide all the thrills of the other experiences but they allow everyone to be involved. In fact, if you have a child that would prefer that you didn't cramp their style, some companies offer the chance for them to drive a real car alone.

Driving experiences really are a fantastic way for anyone to fulfil their need for speed. With a wide range of vehicles and formats available there is sure to be an experience to suit everybody. A huge choice of nationwide locations by a wide range of companies ensures that driving experiences are accessible. Since the experience providers ensure that participants have the appropriate tuition by trained professionals, this is almost certainly the lowest risk approach to putting the pedal on the metal.

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