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Driving Days - Feel the Thrill of the Track

Press Release: April 06, 2010

The sort of cars available for such an experience could be anything from your every day hot hatchback through powerful and agile sports cars or even monstrous supercars by legendary manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin.

Upon arrival at one of these driving days you will first be given a short talk as to not only how to control such a machine around the track, but in the techniques to get the maximum performance out of it to ensure you derive as much pleasure from the session as possible.

Many people believe that the instructor that rides with you will be constantly enforcing restrictions upon you to keep the ubiquitous health and safety inspector happy and to ensure that the firm's lovely car doesn't get ruined but this is far from the truth. The only real restrictions on these experiences are that you have a valid driving licence and that you are generally in good health.

Other than supercar and sports car experiences, there are a wide range of experience formats to be enjoyed. For those who find the tarmac a little tame, there is also the chance to get your hands on a rally car with over 200bhp to rip up the dirt. On this experience you will be taught everything you need to know in order to maintain control in difficult conditions.

For those who perhaps find cars a bit boring why not try racing around in a fire engine, a dumper truck, a JCB, a tank or even on a sofa! Or if you really don't like cars, why not try crushing them in a 7.5 litre monster truck.

Since gift experience providers ensure that participants have the appropriate tuition by trained professionals, this is almost certainly the lowest risk approach to putting the pedal on the metal.

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