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Dr. Jacob Frydman started online pet care and veterinary services

Press Release: May 25, 2020

World is shifting more toward digital platforms. More and more online pet care platforms are showing up already, where as some are planning for coming days.
We at Dr. Jacob Frydman Online Pet Care Consultancy started with a dream to help peoples around the world with their pet care concerns. Dr. Frydman is the founder and chief executive officer of Dr. Jacob Frydman Online Pet Care Consultancy.

His interest in animal health and welfare from an early age led him to Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, where he earned his Doctorate in veterinary medicine.

Jacob Frydman told us that our mission has always been, and will always be, to improve the lives of the animals we share our world with. Our staff of experienced veterinary Peoples are available to answer your questions by the Chat, and Premium phone or email support. Now you can ask a vet online any time. Chat live with veterinarians and other pet health care experts. Our digital veterinary clinic offering video meetings with veterinarians, directly in your smartphone, tablet or computer on appointment bases.

With passion for educating our clients, learning new things, and love for animals make us one of the top customer choice to consult about your loving pet friends, Jacob added to the discussion further. Great support on challenges, helping us to expand our company’s reach. We are a trusted source of pet care information. If you're in the mood of learning, dive into our huge collection of pet-related answers and vet authored blog posts.

We want to keep our customer or website visiter up-to-date with recent trends, news and other topics. There are more than pet care and veterinary services we have to offer you. From guidelines to train your pets, we can send prescribed medication as well.

Jacob Frydman further added that after pandemic, more people are seeking online pet care and veterinary for mild issues. That's creating a good business. Yes, if your pet got injured or have got more critical issues we strongly recommend to visit a clinic. The online services have limitations to specific issues, where therapy, surgery, testing and other physical examination can't be addressed. Most of the time almost 60 to 80 percent of pet care issues can be addressed and diagnosed online.

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